BASE childcare favorite things

NAME: Marilyn Kolseth

Position: Assistant Manager at BASE
Birthday: October 10
Sweet treat: Twix
Favorite drink: Lemonade
Salty treat: Popcorn
Cookie: Chocolate chip
Candy: Sour Jolly rancher
Bundt cake flavor: Lemon
Places to shop: Target
Restaurants: Panera
Color: Blue
Meals: Tuna sandwich
Flowers: Tulip or any flowers
Sports team: Anaheim Angels/ Broncos & Browns
Hobbies: Reading, movies
Classroom wish list items: Board games 

NAME: Matt LeClaire

Position: BASE Program Manager
Birthday: April 27
Sweet treat: Payday candy bar
Favorite drink: Pepsi
Salty treat: Toasted sesame sticks
Cookie: Chocolate chip or snickerdoodle
Candy: Hot Tamales 
Bundt cake flavor: Lemon
Places to shop: Target, Amazon, King Soopers
Restaurants: Berg Haus, Chilis, Applebee's
Color: Purple, blue, red
Meals: Cheese Steaks, cheeseburgers, pasta
Flowers: Succulents
Sports team: Vikings, Avalanche
Hobbies: Bowling 
Classroom wish list items: Markers, board games, puzzles, crayons 
Allergies: Cats