Specials' favorite things

NAME: Marina Bonello

Position: PE
Birthday: April 10
Sweet treat: Dark chocolate
Favorite drink: Cappuccino
Salty treat: Synders Honey Mustard Pretzel bites
Cookie: Krustini
Candy: Dark chocolate
Bundt cake flavor: Chocolate
Places to shop: REI
Restaurants: Italian
Color: Blue
Meals: Wraps or smoothies
Flowers: Sunflowers, daisies
Sports team: Juventus Italian Soccer Team
Hobbies: Stained glass craft, Yoga, cooking, hiking, cycling, swimming
Classroom wish list items: More ribbons for creative dance as I only have a set of 6
Allergies: Insect stings

NAME: Scott Draper

Position: Art teacher
Birthday: March 18
Sweet treat: Ice cream 
Favorite drink: Wine...lol
Salty treat: Cheese popcorn
Cookie: Chocolate chip
Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Bundt cake flavor: Red Velvet
Places to shop: Amazon
Restaurants: Mexican
Color: Purple
Meals: Steak
Flowers: Carnations
Sports team: Texas A&M
Hobbies: Painting, pottery, skiing, hiking
Classroom wish list items: Camping

NAME: Camille Ringenberg

Position: Music teacher
Birthday: June 3
Sweet treat: Oreos!
Favorite drink: Coffee (but also lemonade)
Salty treat: Cheese-Its
Cookie: Chocolate chip
Candy: Snickers
Bundt cake flavor: Red Velvet
Places to shop: Target
Restaurants: Chipotle, Postinos
Color: Lavender
Meals: Baked potato, any pasta
Flowers: Lavender, sunflowers
Sports team: Butler Bulldogs
Hobbies: Flute, playing with my cat
Classroom wish list items: I would absolutely love more mallet instruments*! Right now, I'm having students two on an instrument, and if any more students are added to fourth or fifth grade, we will not have enough instruments for every student to be playing on a mallet instrument. The kiddos really love these, and they make music so fun! *glockenspiels, metallophones, xylophones